Peter Tatham LLB

Previously, Peter worked in suburban Christchurch as a Consultant practising as a family property lawyer, including relationship property, and estates administration.

He has extensive general practice knowledge, with an emphasis on estate administration and litigation, relationship property agreements and litigation, wills, enduring powers of attorney and residential property conveyancing. Peter also has significant experience in rural legal matters, in particular, the dairying and chicken farming industries.

With a relaxed, friendly approach, he relates to a wide range of people and is able to help individuals to solve any legal issues they may face. Peter has a particular interest in relationship property and the administration of deceased estates. He is known for being calm and pragmatic as he helps clients navigate what can be emotionally-charged situations.

Peter is well organised, likes to keep a tidy office and enjoys using technology.

Outside the office, Peter enjoys tramping and has done many walks around New Zealand, including the Heaphy Track. He is also an animal lover, with a Manx cat (Blossom) and until recently, a German Shepherd dog, (Baxter). He also enjoys keeping up with current events and world affairs and writes poetry when the mood takes him.


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